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Plastic Fabrication

Trent Plastics Fabrications Ltd offers custom plastics fabrication and cutting services when you need it at a price you can afford. By using the latest technology and the highest quality standards in our fabrication facilities, Trent Plastics can ensure on-time delivery, whether your order is a single prototype or a high-volume production run.



·        CNC Machining

·        CNC Routing

·        Milling

·        Turning

·        Welding and Gluing

·        Cut to size and shape

·        Reverse Engineering

·        General Machining

·        Laser cutting

·        Drilling

·        Bending

·        Waterjet cutting



·        Machine Guarding

·        Tanks & Containers

·        Machined Components

·        Conveyor Guides

·        Wear Strips

·        Gears

·        Pullies

·        Rollers

·        Protective Covers

·        Bearings & Bushes

·        Guide Rails

·        Wear Plates

·        Chutes

·        Signage and Displays

·        Seals

·        Washers


Send Us Your Drawings!

We can serve your requirements from prototype to large-scale production.Please send us your drawings for quotation. We utilize AutoCAD 2002 and should be able to open and receive most format drawings.