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Polycarbonate Mirror

  • Polycarbonate Mirror

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Polycarbonate is extremely strong, it has an increased impact resistance over Acrylic - almost 250 times that of glass, Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable.

Product Features    
•  Excellent reflective properties •  Weather resistant  
•  Versatile, suitable for Fabrication •  Chemical resistant  
•  UV Stabilised •  Easy to machine  
•  Virtually Unbreakable •  Protective Film Covering Mirror Side  
Product Applications    
•  Bathrooms •  Gyms  
•  Furniture •  Garden Mirrors  
•  Stables •  Schools  
•  Signage •  Hospitals  
•  Point of Sale •  Prisons  

Polycarbonate sheet is a high impact plastic, with outstanding dimensional stability and optical clarity. It also provides good electrical insulation and heat resistance properties. Polycarbonate sheet is easy to machine, weld and bond and can also be formed.

Polycarbonate has good resistance to most inorganic chemicals, oils and dilute acids / alkalis. It also has good resistance to weathering and can be supplied UV stabilised for increased ozone resistance.

FREE cutting service*: Just tell us how you want it cut when you checkout in the special instructions box. Minimum width of cut is 75mm. Saw width is 3mm. Tolerance +/-1mm.

Also known as: Acrylic has many trade names including Perspex, Plexiglas, Altuglas & Policril


 *Free Cutting Service is for Straight 90° cuts only

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