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Magnetic Tape - magnaglaze

  • Magnetic Tape - magnaglaze

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Self adhesive magnetic tape

2 part self adhesive magnetic tape 12mm wide

This magnetic tape is supplied in two parts - south pole and north pole. Turning any surface into a magnet. Simply to install you just remove the backing from one part of the strip and stick to the surface you require to be magnetic, and the other strip to the opposing surface

Most commonly known as Magnaglaze, this tape is ideal for installing secondary acrylic glazing, it is clean, fuss free and has a strong magnetic bond

Product Features    
•  Easy to use •  Available cut to size  
•  Can be cut with scissors •  makes any surface magnetic  
•  High Pull force for security    
Product Applications    
•  Double glazing installation •  Fridge Magnetics  
•  Point of sale graphics •  Exhibitions  
•  Crafts



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