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Sparkle Acrylic

  • Sparkle Acrylic

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Sparkle Acrylic & Glitter Sheet

Sparkle Acrylic – PMMA – uv stabilised

Due to the sparkle effect within the acrylic we do not advise placing two panels together for colour continuity.

The orientation of the acrylic can make it appear darker or lighter in certain lights.


Product Features    
•  Sparkle, glitter effect •  Thermoformable  
•  Versatile, suitable for Fabrication •  Excellent sound abatement properties  
•  UV Stabilised •  Easy to machine  
•  Impact Resistant •  Protective Film Covering Both Sides  

Product Applications

•  Furniture •  Acrylic Splashbacks  
•  Exhibits •  Jewellery and models  
•  Signage •  Models  
•  Point of Sale

Sparkle acrylic sheet has outstanding weatherability and formability, and can be formed into a variety of shapes making it ideally suitable for many end users such as illuminated signs, point of sale displays, furniture, jewellery and even as acrylic splashbacks in the kitchen.

Please Note:  This is a single sided product which will be marked to show which is the face, this is the only side which should be used to match different panels together however due to the inner composition and production process, material has a certain particle orientation. This results in a colour which has different colour shades. We cannot guarantee that the back of the sheets will all colour match as the fronts will.

FREE perpex sheet cutting service*: Just tell us how you want it cut when you checkout in the special instructions box. Minimum width of cut is 75mm. Saw width is 3mm. Tolerance +/-1mm. Limited to 4 cuts per product.

Also known asAcrylic sheet has many trade names including Perspex Sheet, Plexiglas, Altuglas & Policril, acrylic splashback


 *Free Cutting Service is for Straight 90° cuts only 

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