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HIPS Mirror

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High Impact Polystyrene Mirror

Product Features    
•  High impact strength •  Ideal for thermoforming  
•  Lightweight •  Excellent sound abatement properties  
•  High rigidity •  Thermoform or vacform  
•  Dimensionally stable •  Protective Film Covering Mirror Side  
Product Applications    
•  Bathrooms •  Tray Forming  
•  Furniture •  Templating  
•  Stables •  Schools  
•  Signage •  Printing  
•  Point of Sale •  Models  

HIPS Silver Mirror Sheet is a high quality sheet material that offers an excellent price performance balance. High impact polystyrene (HIPS) is easy to machine and fabricate, and combines good colouration and mechanical properties. More suited for application where child / animal safety in the key factor as HIPS does not shatter and is extremely hard to damage.

With impact strength up to 7 times that of normal polystyrene, HIPS sheet is used most commonly for packaging and thermoforming.

HIPS has excellent dimensional stability and can be easily painted and glued. With a wide temperature window and with pre-drying rarely required, the material is one of the easiest sheets to thermoform or vacform.

FREE cutting service*: Just tell us how you want it cut when you checkout in the special instructions box. Minimum width of cut is 75mm. Saw width is 3mm. Cut sheets have a Tolerance of +/-1mm.

 *Free Cutting Service is for Straight 90° cuts only

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